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Top Five Online Dating Guide for Finding Men

Women are having a hard time finding their soul mates through the Internet especially if they want to engage in top online dating. There are so many dating sites these days that they literally become confused and overwhelmed on which sites to register. While they are focusing on looking for the right website, women should also find ways on how to grab the attention of their potential partners. Few women are still struggling in the dating department even when it’s done through the Internet. With that, they should follow these guides on how to make their profile appealing:

1. Cool username

Women who are using an online dating service must come up with a fun username that fits their personality. You may not believe it, but a lot of guys are also picky, especially on usernames. If a woman like you opts for a username that is bland and boring, no one would even dare click on your profile name to check you out. No matter how pretty you look on your photo, but if your creativity in usernames is very poor, you won’t stand a chance.

Make a username that sounds carefree and generally speaks about you. However, you need to avoid usernames that sounds offensive or dirty.

2. Profile photos

It’s already a given that all the best online dating sites expect its online registers to provide a profile photo. If you want to attract a guy, start it by uploading a recent photo that shows off your physical qualities. Majority of the men are lured away by photos of women instead of reading the profile. It would be wise if you spend enough time looking for the perfect picture and use it as a primary photo to your profile.

3. Have an interesting profile

You should pay attention to your online dating profile because it thoroughly explains what kind of a person you are. Beef up your profile by adding a few, fun facts about yourself. Have a lot of variety in your profile such as adding your hobbies and interests. If your profile shows that you are too focused on career instead of a relationship, there’s less chance that men will pay attention to you.

4. Add men to friends/favorites list

Just because we’re a generation where we value equality, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll contact the person first through e-mail. If you want to make a first impression, add the man to your friends or favorites list. This simple gesture means that you are smiling at him and you are encouraging him to approach you first than the other way around.

If the man hints at you about exchanging emails, then go for it. Make the conversation interesting and fun by coming up with a witty subject line so he’ll be more intrigued at you. Don’t reply instantly and wait for a day before you can write him back. Don’t let the guy think that you are too easy – keep in mind that he is pursuing you.

5. Stop if there’s no progress

Don’t drag the situation long if the man does not ask you out after five or six emails. Even if the man gives a lot of excuses such as him being shy an all, but if he’s interested in you, he would make it clear to you. If there’s still no progress and there’s no plans for a personal meet-up after weeks of communicating, stop emailing him. Don’t stoop so low as to initiate the meet up because it will look like you are of low value. Move on and there will be somebody else who deserves more your time and effort.

Don’t make yourself too hard if you can’t find true love yet, even if you joined a best online dating site. Have patience and you’ll soon find that special someone when you least expect it.

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