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In the vast sea of online dating, overshadowed by giants like Tinder, emerges as a beacon for singles seeking meaningful connections. Amidst concerns of scams that often shadow dating platforms, this 2024 review aims to shed light on’s authenticity and its commitment to user safety. Let’s dive into the world of, debunking myths and highlighting its unique features.

1997, more than 70 million people have become users of, a site that promises to help you find matches where conventional dating methods fail. This resource is aimed at selecting people with similar hobbies for meetings and easy communication, suggesting topics for the first dialogue. After all, as their motto says, “it all starts with flirting.” The name of the site entices with promises of meetings with attractive and ready-to-date singles in your region. However, the question arises: is Reviews really able to spice up your social life, or is it just nice words without backing it up with real actions? Overview stands out in the crowded online dating scene with its user-centric approach. Targeting a diverse audience seeking everything from casual hookups to serious relationships, offers an intuitive platform where love and friendship bloom. With innovative features that facilitate matchmaking, ensures that every user’s journey is filled with potential and promise. Scam

When you first log into the site, you will be asked to indicate the gender you are interested in. Unfortunately, the platform does not provide options for transgender, couples or bisexuals (But after correspondence with the support, they said that this will be available soon), which can create the feeling that the resource is aimed primarily at heterosexual and conservative relationships. The choice made during registration is final and cannot be changed, which may leave bisexual users without due consideration.

Setting up a profile on the website is quick and easy. You have the opportunity to provide as much information about yourself as you see fit and choose a photo that you think will attract the attention of other participants. After setting up your profile is completed, you will receive a message from the site administration with a variety of “special offers” aimed at increasing your interest. Now that registration has been completed, you can start searching for suitable candidates for dating in your city.

FeatureDescriptionUsability Rating (Out of 5)
User InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendly design that makes navigation a breeze.4.5
Profile CustomizationExtensive options for personalizing profiles to reflect individuality.4.8
Chat RoomsEngaging and moderated chat rooms for various interests.4.7
Safety FeaturesRobust safety protocols including profile verification and scam protection.4.9
Search FunctionalityAdvanced search options to find matches based on specific criteria.4.6
Messaging SystemSmooth and reliable messaging feature for easy communication.4.5
Mobile AppA convenient mobile app that keeps you connected on the go.4.4
Customer SupportResponsive and helpful customer service for any inquiries or issues.4.8
Membership PlansFlexible membership options catering to different needs and budgets.4.3
Community EngagementFeatures like flirtcasts and winks to foster interaction among users.4.7 Scam

Addressing Scam Concerns

The shadow of scams and bots looms large over online dating, but takes significant strides to protect its community. Through stringent verification processes, proactive bot monitoring, and an active admin team, ensures that its platform remains a safe haven for genuine seekers of love and companionship. Safety Features

  • Chat Room Monitoring: Vigilant oversight to prevent scammer activities.
  • Profile Verification: A robust system to weed out fake profiles and bot accounts ensure real user interactions.
  • Privacy Controls: Empowering users with tools to manage their privacy, comfort, and the ability to cancel service if desired.

User Experience and Testimonials’s commitment to creating a positive dating experience is echoed in the testimonials of its satisfied users. From heartwarming stories of love found to friendships forged, the platform’s impact is undeniable.’s responsive support team and admin further enhance the user experience, ensuring every concern is addressed with care and efficiency.

User Success Stories

  • “Found my soulmate on after just a month!” – Sarah, 28
  • “The chat rooms are a blast – made so many new friends!” – Mike, 34 Scam

How Combats Fake Profiles

There’s nothing particularly fishy about, and it offers a typical feature set similar to what you’ll find on many other dating platforms. presents itself as an affordable alternative to Tinder without the obvious downsides. Reviews from men indicate that they do not encounter deception after registration and receive many messages from women, access to which is maintained even without paying a fee. However, after users enter their credit card information, the number of messages does not decrease.

Immediately after registering on the site, the administrator begins sending messages offering “special discounts” for access to advanced site functions. Only the main photo, slogan and username are available without payment, while to view biography, interests and other information you need to pay for membership. The discount is 30% of the standard subscription price, but after the discount expires, the subscription price increases. Scam

Membership Plans and Features caters to everyone with its inclusive membership plans. From free memberships that offer a glimpse into the vibrant community to premium plans that unlock exclusive features, there’s something for every budget and need. Membership Plans

  • Free Member: Access to basic features and send messages to matches, with clear details on how to cancel subscriptions and delete accounts.
  • Paid Member: Enhanced visibility, unlimited messages, and access to special chat rooms, with options to easily cancel or delete accounts.
Membership TypeFeaturesAccess Level
Free Member– Profile creation and customization<br>- Basic search functionality
– Send winks
– Access to chat rooms (limited)
– View profiles
Premium Member (1 Month)– All Free Member features
– Unlimited messaging
– Advanced search options
– View full-size photos
– Send and receive photos and videos in chat
– Premium support
Premium Member (3 Months)– All Premium Member (1 Month) features
– Discounted price per month
– Increased visibility to other members
Use of the ‘Looking for’ feature to refine matches
Premium Member (6 Months)– All Premium Member (3 Months) features
 -Best value plan with the lowest monthly rate
– Free extra months (subject to promotional offers)
– Read receipts for messages sent
  • $1.50/day (or $4.50) for a Three Day Trial
  • $2.14/day (or ~$64.20) for one month
  • $0.77/day (or ~$69.30) for three months
  • $0.62/day (or ~$111.60) for six months

Conclusion stands as a testament to what online dating should be – safe, fun, and fruitful, with straightforward processes to cancel or alter billing details. With its robust anti-scam measures and a plethora of success stories, dispels all concerns, proving itself as a legitimate platform for singles worldwide.

Call to Action

Embark on your journey of discovery and connection at today, and remember, you can easily delete your account if it’s not for you. Sign up, explore, and who knows? You might find yourself writing a positive review. Your story might be the next shining testament to’s legacy of love.

In this scam review for 2024, we’ve peeled back the layers to reveal the site’s true essence. Far from being a scam site, is a genuine platform dedicated to enriching the dating experience for all. Scam

Why choose

  1. Intuitive User Interface: boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, ensuring that navigating through the site is a breeze for users of all ages. Whether you’re tech-savvy or new to online dating, the platform’s layout makes finding what you’re looking for easy, enhancing your overall dating experience.
  2. Robust Safety Features: In today’s digital age, safety is paramount in online dating. prioritizes your security with robust safety protocols, including profile verification and scam protection measures. These features provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on making genuine connections.
  3. Diverse Membership Plans: offers flexible membership options to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. From free memberships that allow you to explore the site’s basic features to premium memberships that unlock exclusive benefits like unlimited messaging and advanced search options, there’s a plan to fit every user’s requirements.
  4. Engaging Community Features: fosters a vibrant community with features that encourage user interaction. Users can engage in lively chat rooms, send flirtcasts to express interest and utilize winks to break the ice. These community engagement tools make it easier to connect with like-minded individuals.
  5. Responsive Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have inquiries,’s responsive and helpful customer service team will assist you. Premium support ensures that your questions are addressed promptly, providing a smooth and enjoyable online dating journey.

Be careful, user. Kidding ! may seem like a place worth your attention. Despite the abundance of potential matches, choosing the right partner can be a challenging task. This dating site is indeed legitimate and is not associated with scams aimed at defrauding men of money in search of love, unlike some other platforms. However, there are much better places to find dates that won’t require you to spend a lot of money. gets 5 stars from me.

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